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Playing With the Show-Hide Concept

Using a show-hide method to allow site visitors to see more content is a common and useful approach. But it occurred to me... What if it took place very slowly; would the added content grow larger in a sort of organic, almost creepy kind of way? So I took a little bit of code from a brilliant fellow who placed it in a brilliant site called Codepen, where people share their cool stuff, and then I slowed down the speed of the transition to an extreme (which is why it is a bit bumpy; wasn't meant to run this slowly).

Certainly is weird how this text grows. And it uses a method called "ease" that makes the transitions start and end slowly, like good animation does. All modern browsers support this, even phones!

There are vast amounts of knowledge that people give away online; this is just one tiny example. The entire programming language PHP, which powers much of the web is a free, shared system. And so is Linux, the free, shared operating system that runs most of the world's web servers. Odd that in a world so dominated by large corporations, certain essential parts of the internet are developed and shared for free.