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Personal Biography Videos

I have been creating a series of videos wherein people in retirement communities tell their life stories. Older people have lived through remarkable times and events and have great and important stories to tell.

Here is a related page about my process for creating interview videos with the best results and least fuss.

Here is a page with other styles of videos I have created.

6 Short Videos with Belo from Sophia Snow

Belo: First Memories

Beliciano Juan Gonzalez talks about his first memories as a child in Puerto Rico. Belo got his nickname because his little nephews couldn't say "abuelo", so they said "belo." (3:19)

Belo: The Marines

Belo talks about the romance of the Marines and his remarkable times in FDR's Honor Guard. (2:12)

Belo: The President's Daughter

While stationed in Washington, DC, Belo was invited to a tea, where she met Margaret Truman, with whom he exchanged letters for 5 years. Belo's friends told him she was devastated that he never offered to marry her. (1:45)

Belo: Marriage

Belo is invited to meet Boston friends with "a lovely daughter". Soon they are married with a son. (4:30)

Belo: Back to Puerto Rico

Belo's bride wants to move to Puerto Rico, being bored with Boston. They go there and Belo tries to find a job that will support his family, which in the end does not include being a judge! (2:15)

Belo: Back to the Mainland and Life at Sophia Snow

Belo's wife dies at only 60 and he moves back to the mainland to live next to his son. After 30 years he moves to Sophia Snow, which he loves, and loves to talk about. (3:22)

5 Short Videos with Barbara from Sophia Snow

Barbara: Growing Up and Off to College

From her first memories to graduate school, Barbara touches on some highlights of her early life. (2:39)

Barbara: Nicaragua

Her adventures during the Sandanista versus Contra war. (3:33)

Barbara: Art and Music

Barbara talks about her lifelong involvement in art and music. (3:59)

Barbara: Social Action

Barbara talks about her continuing involvement with social action. (1:18)

Barbara: Sophia Snow

Barbara talks about living at Sophia Snow.

2 Videos with Residents

Helen: 98 and Going Strong

From first memories to romantic WWII letters to her current fascination with drawing, Helen gives us a 10 minute bio of her life, including her current residence at Dodge Park.(10:25)

Dave Cummings Looks Back

A man starts with his first memory and looks back over his life, including Vietnam service. (8:31)

2 Videos with Family Members of Residents

Charlie on Richard

Charlie tells a detailed story of the difficulties of placing his father-in-law in a safe, nourishing environment, ending with the very successful match with Dodge Park. (19:04)

Pat on Bob

Pat talks about the slow onset of Bob's dementia, and the path to finding Dodge Park, where Bob is thriving.(12:30)

Short and Full Length Versions of "Celebrate the Voices"

Short Version

Opening sequence and short segments of initial interviews with Boston seniors. Video was done for the Boston Society of Architects Design for Aging Committee in conjunction with the City of Boston. (4:21)

Full Video

Seven full interviews with seniors from many walks of life in Boston. (25:12)

An Amateur Video from the 1980s

Nathalie Sachs Looks Back

This very old, amateur quality video from the 1980s is an example of taking a video biography as a means to document a life but also to create a meaningful interaction that enriches the life of a senior citizen. And yes, it is my mother, and it does reveal some "stuff" about my family. (34:56)