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Graphic Design

For many of my clients, I supply a range of graphic solutions, from business cards to T-shirts.

With one call, clients can get a wide range of quality designed graphic products, all consistent with their overall design and branding. Fast, efficient, and affordable.



This three-fold flyer was designed to mirror the design of the website that I created for Jonathan Pond's investment services website. The flyer contains sample client types, each of whom describes how Jonathan Pond's investment services work for them. I also wrote much of the copy for this flyer, which has been quite successful and has been reprinted a few times.



I have created logos for a number of web clients. They range from simple type-font treatments to more elaborate illustration style logos. Usually I will also supply related materials such as business cards and letterhead using their new logo, designed to coordinate with their new website.

business cards

Business Cards

It seems that one pre-digital artifact seems to be surviving well into the digital age: the card-stock business card. There are many options for business cards: single-sided or double-sided; vertical or horizontal; modern or traditional. For some clients I supply the design files and they order the cards. For others, I actually print the cards as needed.

print designs

Print Design

From postcards to letter size flyers, I often create print materials for clients that mirror their websites. Clients can rely on me to follow the branding that I have created for them in other media.



The ubiquitous Powerpoint presentation lives on, and organizations often ask me to create a Powerpoint template that matches their website and general branding. I have worked with Powerpoint since the very first version and have a pretty solid understanding of how it works, plus a series of tricks that make presentations stand out.

t shirts


Clients often need me to adapt the logos and graphics I have created for them to T-shirt designs. Printing on fabric has very different requirements from web or print work, and it is important to design T-shirts that can be printed properly.

book and ebook

Book and eBook Design

Jonathan Pond asked me to redesign a book of his that had been created in-house. I designed a new cover concept that matched his website and added illustrations throughout the book. I then converted the book to an eBook for both Amazon Kindle and other e-reader devices.

graphic illustrations

Email and Blog Graphics

I create quick, affordable graphics for my clients' email and blog posts. I use a variety of software programs to add life to simple graphics. The results are distinctive and original.