Nicole Pierce of Egoart

Photography of People and Other Animals, Places and Things

I handle photography for many web clients, but also for others who know me only as a photographer. You can see a wider portfolio on Visit my photography site to learn more and sign up for headshots and portraits..

portraits by Jon Sachs


People need pictures of people. I typically work with available light, which is both faster and more relaxed than bringing in lighting, though I also maintain and use a complete studio set up for formal headshots.

pets by Jon Sachs


Pets, mostly dogs! Spending lots of time with pets is not only therapeutic, but produces the best photos. You need to get the pooch past the point where it just wants to come over and lick your face before you can get started with a dog photo session. As with people, available light is the most relaxed way to work.

Theatre Photography by Jon Sachs

Theatre Photography

Taking photos in the theatre can be difficult: not much light, oddly colored light, lots of movement. But I have refined my techniques such that I can get strong images of almost any play, typically at a dress rehearsal just before opening, but also during early rehearsals for publicity purposes. I have worked with both professional and community theatres.

Headshots by Jon Sachs

Theatre Headshots

From simple headshots to group photos to fully designed headshots in the style of a particular production, I handle scores of headshots each theatre season. These are done with studio lighting and backdrops on location in each theatre.

MIT Music by Jon Sachs

The MIT Music Project

I created an extensive library of images of the surprising music program at MIT. Jazz, classical, chorus, gamelan, drumming: there are many kinds of very high quality music courses at MIT. I was fortunate to attend many rehearsals and concerts.

Download a PDF with 30 photos. (11mb file)

Photomatters by Jon Sachs

PhotoMatters, A Photography Education Website

I created one of the most extensive photography education websites, where visitors can learn about the creative variables in photography, one at a time.

For this project I took over 6,000 photos of dancer Nicole Pierce, founder of Egoart, using every type of lens in every situation we could find.

See the site.