Video Production

I added video to my scope of work for the same reason I do other tasks for my clients: I know their business models, their branding, and I can deliver the videos they need efficiently, with creativity and consistency.

My videos range from interviews to documentary-style stories.

Here is a new website for my new video biography project.


Quilted Canvas III, Still Here

This is a 30 minute video that documents an exhibit of 42 exquisite quilts on exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts. The video was created so that two of the artists from the midwest could see the show and to create a permanent record of the exhibit.



Nancy Schön asked me to work with her to turn her most political work into a video. She was filled with rage about the government's mislandling of COVID and felt the need to express it. We rotateed the sculpture in timelapse and recorded Nancy speaking about it. The video has been featured or various TV shows.

I found a powerful piece of music, contacted the Russian composer, Fedor Lavrov, and he gave permission. (Fedor and I are now working on more projects together.)

36 Social Media Videos for Oasis and Dodge Park

Glimpses of life, unstaged, at Dodge Park and Oasis.

An interview with family members.

An interview with a staff member.

An interview with an owner-manager.

Ben Herlinger and Micha Shalev own and operate two extraordinary residental communities in Worcester: Dodge Park, and The Oasis. These are home to many older residents, most with some degree of dementia. The care that these people receive is so loving and respectful that we made these videos to convey just how special it is.

We made 11 videos, including interviews with staff, families, and the two owners. Then we converted those 11 into 36 short videos, each with subtitles, for social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked-In each have preferred sizes and shapes for video, but square works for all of them.)

These are just four of the 36 short videos. If you want to see more of them, here is a link to my staging site where you can watch the 11 long videos and all 36 short ones.

I handled all the interviews, videography, audio, and editing, including deriving the subtitles from the spoken words and placing them in the videos.


Waves of Globalization | 2018 World Economic Congress at MIT

Working with the Communications team at MIT’s School of Humanties, Arts, and Social Sciences (MIT SHASS), we produced a video for the 2018 meeting of the World Economic History Congress (WEHC).

Communications Associate Alison Lanier and I walked around one evening and asked many of the assembled economists a question supplied by MIT Professor of History Anne McCants, Chair of the WEHC.

"What is the most pressing global issue that would benefit from the insights of economic historians?

Then Emily Hiestand, Director of Communications, and I worked together to find the essence of the answers, and create an introduction and closing material to give context to this two-minute video.


Celebrate the Voices

There are 7 interviews in this video of Bostonians dealing with issues of aging. It was made for two collaborating partners: the Age-Friendly Boston program of the Commission on Elder Affairs, City of Boston; and the Design for Aging Committee of the Boston Society of Architects.

I handled all videography, audio, and editing. The total video is 25 minutes, but worth a watch.

If in a hurry, at least watch the first segment, with Prof. Leon Trilling of MIT.


Picture Hanging with Gallery System

We interviewed an experienced gallery owner to see how she goes about hanging a new show. Then we asked what she likes about working with the Gallery System. The video is used for outreach and education on social media.

I handled all videography, audio, and editing.


Here is an animated music video based on a song I wrote. The graphics were created in Photoshop and the animation done in Final Cut Pro X.

More about this song on my songwriting website.


Gallery System sells an elegant, flexible picture hanging system for offices, galleries and homes.

We thought why not create an instructive and funny video that illustrates the flexibilty of the system. We drafted two talent located actors to portray a self-aborsorbed boss and his oft-victimized office manager.

Visit the Gallery System website to learn more about the actual product that manages to bring relative peace to even the craziest office.



MAKETANK is a new committee of the Boston Society or Architects. They were formed to bring the "maker" culture into architecture, and generated a great deal of enthusiasm right away. Their first project was to create a structure for the ABX trade show, and they wanted a video to document the project from testing through the show.

I handled all videography, interviews, and editing. The 4-minute video gives you a sense of the terrific response at the ABS show and the hard work and fun that went into the project.


Latino STEM Robotics Competition

A visit to a robotics competition in Boston, for the Latino STEM Alliance, which brings technology-based enrichment to inner city students.

A look at the faces of the kids and words from the adults and you may want to donate to this terrific program.

A 7:45 version, edited from a 14-minute version.


Age-Friendly Boston Civic Academy

A video documenting an event at which Boston Mayor Marty Walsh asked for feedback from a wide range of Boston citizens about issues regarding aging.

This is a 5 minute version of the video, edited down from a 17-minute version.


Selwyn Rabins on Alpha Anywhere

A video based on still images that I took, converted to black and white, then animated using the "Ken Burns" method. We see and hear a senior software architect discussing his latest product.


Miniature Mischief: The Great American Dollhouse Museum

One of a series of videos made to bring to life the intricate goings-on inside the houses at The Great American Dollhouse Museum. The video, narrated by Lori Kagan-Moore, the curator and founder, brings the viewer inside the tiny houses to see what's going on.


Sculpture to Wear by Nancy Schön

A short sales video about Nancy's exquisite jewelry version of her famous Mrs. Mallard sculpture.

I interviewed Nancy at her home and did a series of closeup video sequences of the tiny Mrs. Mallard pendant to illustrate various special features, such as how it stands and the double-magnetic latch.

Learn more about this at Nancy's website.


William Bartlett: Poison Ivy Guy

A promotional video for a fellow who removes poison ivy as a job. He clears poison ivy from homes, parks, and even movie sets. This video has been viewed over 95,000 times on YouTube and has brought William countless customers.

Learn more about William at his website.